Program Components

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Medical Oversight
Regulations of the FDA require both medical prescription and oversight of an AED program.

Emergency Management Resources provides a wide range of automated external defibrillators equipped with a complement of accessories.

Site Surveys and Analysis
Site surveys are made to determine proper placements of AEDs and appropriate signage.

Policies and Procedures
A set of policies and procedures will be created to cover the scope, purpose and program overview.

Emergency Services Coordination
Locations of AEDs and ingress information are provided to the appropriate emergency response agency.

Annual AED training is provided by Emergency Magangement Resources personnel. Training records and scheduling coordination of first responders is provided.

Operational Monitoring
Monitoring of equipment inspections is provided through an interactive Internet based program that maintains a documented history of those functions intended to assure operating efficacy. Monthly reports documenting compliance are available.

Inspections and Servicing
Inspections are made to perform applicable servicing, including any updating or replacement of components and supplies. All appropriate records are maintained by Emergency Management Resources.

A Plan for Saving Lives